• There is no refund, the remaining balance must be used within

• When the customer requests the balance as a refund, the Finance unit keeps the right of return confidential based on the decision as a result of the review of the situation. In case the possible return is accepted, the refund process is made within 30 days.

• Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube... etc. We do not know when the services may update; in case of any decrease, refunds cannot be made unless the service provider compensates.

• If an insult or abuse against the system administrator is detected, reserves the right to confiscate the balance and withdraw the follower or like transactions sent.

• If payment is made on someone else's behalf using a stolen credit card or other methods, the account will be terminated without exception.

• Once the orders are entered into the system, your cancellation/refund request will not be accepted. If the order is not completed/partially completed, the system will automatically issue a refund.

Thank you!